Plan Columbia: Cashing-in on the Drug-War Failure
(From the award winning "Hidden War of Desert Strom" Producer
Gerard Ungeman and his latest film)

(Film Length: 58 mim)

See the Preview (3 mim, Best for DSL connections)

Film Synopsis
With most of the US military aid under the so-called "Plan Colombia" delivered, Pres. Pastrana unilaterally withdraws from the peace process engaged with the FARC guerilla (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) and steps up violence in this 50 year-quasi-civil war. But what is left of the initial anti-narcotics purpose of the US "Plan Colombia"? After 20 years of drug-wars in the Andes resulting in a two fold increase of cocaine import in the US in the last ten years alone, what is to be expected from a plan focusing primarily on spraying coca-fields in rebel-held parts of the country when coca is grown all over Colombia ? Is the US Government even concerned still with fighting drugs when the post 9-11 rhetoric made it easy for the State Dep. to now single out the leftist FARC as the enemy # 1 in Colombia on the ground that they use what might be viewed as "terrorist tactics" ?

Many interviews including Noam Chomsky, Ramsey Clark, Colombian Presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt (now a hostage of the FARC), US MCs Paul Wellstone and John Conyers, US Gov. officials, a WWF scientist, many different Colombians from all walks of life, including guerilla-leaders, will shed light on the complex issues of drug-trafficking and civil struggle in Colombia. The doc. also looks at the impact and result of the current chemical-spraying campaign carried out by US Defense-contractor Dyncorps, it will probe the US plan in search for alternate motives to a drug-war that the US Gov. has seemed so keen on losing over the past 30 years.

Short bio's
Gerard Ungerman
With a print journalism and military background, Gerard has been producing and directing video-documentaries since 1995 after starting Free-Will Productions with his wife Audrey Brohy. Past documentaries include "Hidden Wars of Desert Storm", an internationally acclaimed and awarded documentary on the Gulf War and the embargo against Iraq and "Peru : between the Hammer & the Anvil" (An AFI award-winner broadcast throughout Europe).

Audrey Brohy Raised in Kenya and Thailand, Audrey, a Swiss native, has developped both a strong interest for social and political matters and a keen artistic eye that first materialized in still photography. After studying drama at Paris' famous Conservatoire des Arts Dramatiques and then film-directing at School of Visual Arts in NYC, Audrey started Free-Will Productions in 1995 with her husband Gerard and has ever since shared tasks in both production and direction.

Fritz Heede A veteran in scoring music for television and both fiction and non-fiction films, Fritz uniquely combines classical and modern influences to create an ageless and powerful style of his own. Achievements include scoring the sound-track for "Mystery of the Sphynx", an Emmy-Award winning NBC special produced by Robert Watts ("Indiana Jones", "Star Wars").

Jason Stelzel As brilliant an editor as he is a musician and a programmer, Jason knows how to mesmerize both the artistic and corporate worlds : his major clients range from Dolly Parton, the Pointer Sisters, Ozzy Osbourne to all the TV networks, Apple, IBM and virtually all the major car-manufacturers. His areas of expertise span all editing skills needed in live and recorded events as well as sound and lights engineering in large-scale live-concerts and multi-media shows.

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